Ladies, imagine if you had
Bulletproof Confidence?
Do you feel that you could be asking for bigger money?
Do you have boundaries but find you are still taken advantage of?
Do you still feel guilty saying NO?

… What if you had the kind of confidence that has you ready to live your purpose…
No excuses. No compromises. 
Cindy Ashton,
Your Persuasive Voice
"Working with 2 different Dominatrixes for coaching has transformed my body and my business. Significantly reducing my chronic pain, and allowing me to negotiate deals 2-4 times more money."
Bulletproof Confidence - Master-Level Course
Sure your life’s already pretty awesome. You have plenty of fun. You have a ton to be grateful for...

Still, there’s this underlying feeling that something’s missing. What you want seems just out of your grasp and you don’t know what to do about it.

Like us, you’ve probably spent plenty of time dabbling (or even diving headfirst) into self-improvement programs… self-love, the law of attraction, success. But the shifts came slowly… or, sometimes, not at all.


The point is: You’ve done the work. But you’re still not where you want to be.

Plus, you just don’t have the time or money for expensive programs. You can’t possibly commit to weekly meetups. And your life just doesn’t have room for yet another project.

We know how you feel. Life is tough. It’s busy. And it won’t wait around for us to feel ready for that glorious opportunity. Or to feel like yes, we can accomplish even our loftiest goals.

That’s why we’ve created this cool and totally unique way for you to get the bulletproof confidence you need to take on big challenges with a smile and create the life you’re passionate about.
"Dana helps me take it to the next level."
Jean Leggett - One More Story Games 
"Working with Kristy has been amazing! She knew all the right questions and it left me feeling super confident moving in the direction I want to go in my business!"
Veronica Yanhs - Business Laid Bare
"My business has gone from stuck to lift off since meeting these two"
Arianna Blachthorne - Domina Arianna
Bulletproof Confidence
 Master-Level Course
The Mini-Retreat For Major Up-levels In Self-Love, Sisterhood, And Success
The Bulletproof Confidence Course is an outrageous, in-person mini-retreat designed to create authentic confidence by teaching you how to awaken your Inner Dominatrix.

Spend a weekend immersed in the energy of two powerful Dominatrixes who will teach you the tricks of how to step into your authentic confidence with ease. 

Quickly and effectively removing the limiting patterns and thoughts, imprinting the energy of the Dominatrix into your DNA, making you a badass hightly profitable business woman.

Walk Away with Bulletproof Confidence So You Can....
  •  Ask for the bigger money or bigger raise - and get it!
  •  Say No with ease!
  •  Draw in more clients or ideal partner with ease!
  • Your Ticket includes 2 private 1:1 sessions (one with Dana & one with Kristy) Value of $500
  • Limited class size for lots of focused attention on your personal challenges
  • A unique experience that will last a lifetime. 
Weekend Mini Retreat
  • 2 Dominatrices Training you in the Art of Confidence
  • Massive Lasting Shifts in One Weekend!
  • 2 Private 1:1 Sessions 
  • Embrace the Sisterhood of Bulletproof Confidence
What is included?
  •  2 FULL Days of intense transformation with Dana & Kristy
  • Follow up sessions - one with Dana & one with Kristy
  •  Snacks 
What is the course Outline?
Day 1 
Morning is focused on getting you connected to your body, present and prepped for massive changes. 
Once you are ready to uplevel then we are going to work on removing the old programming that keeps you from really rocking your confidence. This will be done through a combination of visualization and energy clearing work. 

The afternoon we are going to be playing with the sexual energy and connecting you to the Dominatrix energy (minus the whips). Bringing in some eastern and western modalities to make sure that you fully drop into this space.

The evening is for taking the time to contemplate the incredible shifts you've received that day. Time to connect with one another, share stories, and create once in a lifetime bonds with other amazing women. 

Day 2
It is time for you to strut your stuff!
Walking in a V formation with your sisters, you are going to experience and live the Dominatrix energy in your body, knowing that you can pull this in anytime you choose.
Utilizing Master Hypnosis techniques Kristy will be guiding us through an incredible meditation that is going to blow your mind. Programming you to welcome the confidence and power of the Dominatrix into your life and into your business.

Both days will have time for questions and mastery of the tools provided. This workshop is about the deep application, not a fire hose of tools that you forget the moment you leave. We are both committed to bringing you an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  
Copyright 2017 - Dana Pharant - Inner Dominatrix & Kristy Heart - The Dominatrix Life Coach
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